Sports Education

JAL: Flow of “LIFE”

Jal is life's matrix, mother, medium. There is no life without water. It represents motion, reflection, purity and energy.

Water is the driving force of nature. It moves and finds its own levels. It's powerful and versatile to put out Fire, wear away the Rock and sweep away the Earth. It depicts flexibility, self-expression and encourages a fresh approach.

AGNI: flames of “ASPIRATION”

The element of fire (Agni) symbolizes strength, force, energy and power.

Fire depicts power and determination. It provides energy despite difficulties and differences. Fire represents the power to stand and speak the truth. It brings out courage and deeper understanding.

Prithvi: infinity without “END”

The element EARTH is associated with qualities of limitless practicality, belonging, materialism, love and care of all living being without any discrimination.

The earth brings in a sense of security and stability. It nourishes and restores. It strengthens your values and beliefs, and develops trust. It supports process and structure.

Vaayu: winds of “CHANGE”

Vayu is a power that is capable of communicating a larger-than-life language to those who would hear it. The element Vaayu is commonly associated with unity, freedom, eternity and balance. It is the life giver.

Vaayu has the strength to change the world. Fearless in your pursuits. Vaayu generates movement, enthusiasm, inspiration and creativity. It is the essence of life and has a strong survival instinct.